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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 13, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." tonight, dangerously healthy. is there such a thing as trying to be too nutritious? for some people, the answer is yes. and tonight, one 23-year-old is taking us inside her compulsion to eat only the most perfect foods. plus, out on a ledge. a window washer's worst nightmare. trapped outside not just any building, but the tallest one in the united states. how firefighters pulled off the daring rescue today at 1 world trade center in new york city. and, the middleton man. >> brothers and sisters. >> watch out, harry. there's another famous sibling plotting to be the cool uncle. with royal baby number two on the way, kate's brother, james
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not believe that trying to be too healthy can be a serious issue. even dangerous. but tonight, some of those who suffer from this little known compulsion take us inside their meticulous and often maddening words. here's my "nightline" co-anchor juju chang. >> reporter: 8:00 a.m. breakfast time in santa monica, california. >> always afraid to mess this up. >> jimmy: j . >> reporter: jenny is preparing her meal. >> if something doesn't come out the way i want it to, i will just throw it away. >> reporter: but in jenny's mind, something's gone terribly wrong. >> i'm not doing this very well. that's a major fail. i know that if i eat it, it's not going to be appetizing to me. >> reporter: she's an extreme perfectionist. not only must it look perfect, it has to be perfectly nutritio nutritious. >> this is coconut oil that i like to mash into. and i don't deprive myself of calories. i want to nourish my body and eat well. >> reporter: but her compulsive attention to every morsel has
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morphed into a full blown eating disorder. one you might have never heard of. it literally means a fixation with righteous eating. >> it's taken a huge toll on my body. i recently found out that i have adree nall fatigue and an underactive thyroid and, you know, i haven't had a period in almost a year. >> reporter: in a nation where one-third of adults are obese, you'd think an obsession with healthy food would be a good thing. but you'd be wrong. >> every single day is full of anxiety over food. >> reporter: there's been little research on the disorder and it's not listed in the official manual for psychological disorders. >> i'm scared of gluten, grains. even eating a sweet potato for breakfast, i wonder how much sugar is in it. >> we don't know how prevalent it is. i think it's a reflection upon the obsession that's part of our
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society has with food. >> reporter: jenny was 17 when she says her eating disorder began taking over her thoughts. six years later, every day is still a battle. >> i start to get nervous about what to eat. >> reporter: she's struggling over whether or not to order a coconut milk latte. >> the drink is called immortal. i know it's good for me. i know it's actually really healthy. >> reporter: she orders the latte. revealing a clue as to why she's feeling so anxious. >> a day like today where i didn't work out at all, i almost don't feel like i deserve as many calories and ordering a drink like that, you know, kind of a big step for me. i think this drink is too pretty not to take a picture. >> reporter: jenny posts the picture to her instagram feed. >> instagraming has been actually really amazing for me. it's connected me to a lot of other people who are also suffering from eating disorders. >> reporter: click the hash tag
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and you get pictures of photos of meals. more than 40,000 posts on instagram from around the world. girls posting obsessively about each and every morsel they eat. it can signal a much larger problem. jordan younger became a vegan sensation obsessively chronicling her meals on her blog. that is, until her restrictive diet devolved into the eating disorder. how does eating healthy become an eating disorder? >> when it turns into an obsession rather than something you're doing because you're passionate about it and because you're excited about it. it just takes over your mind. >> all of a sudden now, you put a picture on instagram and you have potentially hundreds or thousands of people weighing in and it's like throwing gasoline on the fire. >> reporter: jordan says she restricted her diet so much, she developed a strange rash and grew weak. and like jenny, stopped having her period. you were malnourished. >> i was malnourished, yeah. i was very much restricting
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myself through the shield of veganism. >> reporter: that's when jordan revealed her struggle with orthorexia. a dark secret she blamed on her strict vegan diet. she got a surprisingly mixed reaction. you were literally getting death threats. >> yeah, i was, from people, predominant people in the vegan community. it's been a horrible backlash. people telling me that i'm an animal killer that i'm cashing in on veganism for attention. >> reporter: but other fans, like jenny, remain staunch supporters, even as jordan morphed from strict veganism to a less restrictive diet. on this day, we arrange for the two to meet. >> she's been a huge inspiration to me. i already kind of feel like she's a friend, so, it's going to be really great to actually meet her. >> hi. >> hi. >> so nice to meet you. >> i feel like i already know you. >> reporter: they are kindred spirits when it comes to food. >> i will flip-flop back and
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forth because i'm so attached to having a label. >> right. >> and it's like, if it's not vegan, then it's like the opposite, it's paleo. and it's like, why can't i just be okay with food being food? >> reporter: they both know there's a long road ahead. >> once you start talking about it, you can't deny it to yourself any longer. >> reporter: the ladies take comfort in knowing they're not alone. but the struggle is ultimately a solitary one. >> it turns you into a nasty person sometimes. i've been really rude to, you know, family and friends, just because i myself have not been in a good place. >> reporter: back home, jenny's mind turns to dinner. >> just regular chicken and then do one with chicken sausage. >> reporter: tonight, her mom is joining her for a healthy spaghetti squash dinner. they often order in because the kitchen has become a battleground. >> cooking with her or around her is -- is simply an anxious type of experience. it's -- >> i'm not very nice in the
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kitchen. >> no. she's not. it's like, she becomes possessed with food and the anxiety around it and it makes her just a very selfish person. and it's not something she means to do, it's something that just takes over her. >> i can't hear you elaborate anymore on it. it's getting to me. >> reporter: once her mom leaves the table, jenny reveals a startling fact about how deeply engrained the disorder is in her life. >> you kind of don't want to recover from it because you've put so much of yourself into being this way and i think i'm almost scared to see who i am without all of the stresses i've placed upon myself. >> reporter: she's slowly trying to stop demonizing food. and tells us since filming, she's made major progress and says she's no longer obsessing over what she seats. >> recovery is not easy and it's, you know, extremely easy to get down on yourself. but i know that i can do this. and i think just knowing that i can if i try hard enough is
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enough to push me to succeed. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. next, the dramatic rescue, as window washers get trapped on the western hemisphere's tallest building. and later on "nightline," the middleton sibling making headlines. pippa may have stolen the show at the royal wedding, but now it's her brother james' turn. ia cause to support the pover 65 million people who may need the trusted protection of depend underwear. show them they're not alone. and show off a pair of depend. get a free sample at
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inside a car designed we pto connect yous you love... to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. being a window washer requires a certain amount of fearlessness. and if you happen to scrub the glass on city sky crepe escrape
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better not be afraid of heights. particularly when something goes very wrong. as it did today outside of america's tallest building. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: imagine clinging to nothing but a dangling metal cable with almost 1,000 feet between you and the pavement below. >> safety cable holding it right now and that's what it's supposed to do. >> reporter: today, that was a real life nightmare for two new york window washers. >> i hope god's with them and everything goes smooth. >> reporter: juan lopez was cleaning the tallest building in the united states. the 104-story world trade center, which opened just last week on the site of the twin towers. the cause of the incident appearing to be equipment failure of the brake mechanism that supports the side of the rig. that, according to the president of this window washing company. >> scaffolding gave way. they were okay, they were kind of still tied off, but now they have no options.
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>> reporter: the two men were left hanging, 69 floors up. for two long hours, they hung on, clinging to the cable as 100 firefighters mapped out the rescue operation. those emergency workers ultimately cutting through the double-paned glass. >> they then cut, finally, the outer layer of glass. when that was open, the workers were safely brought in and were transported to the hospital with only mild hypothermia. >> reporter: just after 2:00 p.m., the two window washers finally back on solid ground. despite safety precautions, window washing can be a dangerous job. >> one man fell from more than 30 stories up. >> reporter: to get a sense of what it's like to be suspended hundreds of feet above the ground as a window washer, i spent a day with this duo in florida. this is where jesse and eddie punch in for the day. fresh air. an office as big as the sky. and the chance for the unexpected. dress code very office casual
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and a safety harness that fits a little snug. >> you want it to be snug but you don't want it to be so tight that it's cutting off the circulation. you have to be able to feel your extremities. in the event of a fall, it locks sol solid. >> reporter: so, it's not surprising, clearview window cle cleaning's crew gave me a mandatory safety briefing. >> this is your working line. this is your emergency line. >> reporter: okay. i feel like i'm ready to climb. it's only then they let me step off into their office. notice this hand still has a white knuckle grip. now, i've rappelled before, but never with a pair of bucket toting, tattooed guys 400 feet in the air. looking out is beautiful. >> you see sharks in the water. we're on the top of the buildings, going, shark! shark! and they can't hear us. >> reporter: and sometimes, for fun, they'll bust office workers
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slacking off. >> we catch them sleeping. >> one guy that was completely passed out sleeping, glasses all crooked. >> reporter: you give it a knock? >> slap that on the window. she woke up, started typing like she was doing work. >> reporter: not to one-up the window washers in miami, but new york city boasts an estimated 50 million win does and pat shields has cleaned thousands of them for the rich and famous. >> oscar winners, tony winners, top artists. we've done everyone. i've been doing this 30 years now. >> reporter: sometimes, pat admits, he can't help but hear what's going on behind closed windows. >> i> reporter: like eddie and jesse, pat takes all the necessary safety precautions. buckling at every window.
12:56 am
the universal fear among most skyscraper window washers is a fear of falling. but for patrick, it's also a fear of trying. >> i felt the electric running up my arm and i fell backwards. i didn't realize where i was. >> reporter: a loose wire almost did him in above a deli. >> all i could think was, after all the crazy stuff we've done that i was going to end up vk to get retrieved from a deli awning when i finally bit the big one. >> reporter: but the big one famously came for window washers miguel and ed in 2008 in an accident eerily similar to today's in lower manhattan. when they were working 47 stories up and the cable anchoring their scaffolding snapped. 30-year-old edgar hit the ground at 125 miles per hour and died instantly. but only a few feet away. paramedics were astonished to find 37-year-old miguel alive. >> if you are a believer in miracles, this would be one.
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>> reporter: miguel apparently rode the scratch folding like a surf board as window washers are trained to do. he woke up from a coma and christmas day and reached for his wife, rosie. >> i don't know what to tell you. i'm still in shock. >> reporter: almost just as miraculous, four months after the accident, miguel walked out on his own two feet. he has no plans to climb tall buildings anymore. but eddie and jesse are still jazzed by the heights. >> i get an adrenaline rush doing this. >> reporter: but for those world trade center window washers, 69 stories up today, perhaps they got a little too much adrenaline. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman in miami. next, royal baby mania. how kate middleton's brother james is preparing for her next due date. helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that.
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pippa middleton has made quite a name for herself since sister kate married prince william. but there's another middleton sibling, and tonight, he's telling abc's amy robach about everything from being an uncle again to his marshmallow business. >> reporter: for james middleton, brother to the future queen and uncle to the future ki king, the royal wedding felt like an intimate gathering. >> the most wonderful thing about that wedding which will stay with me forever was that though billions were watching, it felt like a family wedding. >> reporter: and while his sister pep ma may have stolen the show with that dress, james had a meaningful role inside the
1:03 am
abbey. >> brothers and sisters. i suffered most of my life with dyslexia. with the reading, i felt absolutely terrified. >> reporter: the ceremony, james gave his sister and new brother-in-law something very special. he was a gift? >> it was my sort of little treat for them was to give them a puppy. and lupo was their gift, so yes. >> reporter: i was in london outside of st. mary's, with the great kate wait. was it surreal to see the attention? >> i think what was the most wonderful thing, everybody was celebrating with us. becoming an uncle and for my parents becoming grandparents. they were all so excited. >> reporter: i always think of this, when you were young and you were playing together that you would ultimately be the uncle of the future king of england. >> i feel that prince george is
1:04 am
my nephew and i'm just wanting to be the best uncle possible. like any uncle wants to be. i want to be the cool uncle. the fun uncle. and what should i get him for christmas this year? >> reporter: and looking forward to this coming spring. james and his family are excited to welcome the next royal baby. >> it is wonderful to have another niece or nephew on the way. >> reporter: and how is kate feeling? >> well, she's better. i mean, it's not sort of -- it's not unknown that she is suffering from acute morning sickness and unfortunately, she is, i think -- but on the mend. >> reporter: as for james, he's foe using on a hip new business. personalized marshmallows. the name. where did that come from? >> if you are trying to teach a mar mash mallow to speak that's what the first thing would be it said.
1:05 am
>> reporter: you're wonka in chief and chief edible officer? >> it's so much fun. we wanted to add the fun throughout the company. it's your photographs, things that mean a lot to you, that you put onto the marshmallow. and so, that's the key message that we want to deliver. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm amy robach in new york. >> royal family and you get to make candy. not bad. thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow and as always, we're online at good night.
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